Balancing Economy and Ecology for Better Buildings


We believe that people are a priority.  We focus on organizational development to transform people towards greater performance, and pay special attention to creating productive, healthy indoor environments.


By reducing waste, conserving energy and making wise decisions about resources, we positively affect a project's bottom line, increase property value and protect our planet for future generations.


We work with organizations and cities to maximize return on investment based on developing long-term energy efficiency and sustainability goals with action plans unique to each building, business or project.

We provide green building consulting and education across Idaho, the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  We work with award-winning builders, developers, architects and owners to design, build and operate buildings that are healthier, more durable, more efficient and have less impact on our environment.  Our goal is to help identify the most cutting-edge strategies to achieve the best return on investment for new construction, renovation or operations based on LEED best practices.

We offer the following services:

LEED Consulting - experience on over 95 LEED certified homes, neighborhoods and commercial buildings
Research, Training & Workshops - contracts with the US DOE and NEEA to guide 6 cities on benchmarking and reducing energy use, including Boise, Tacoma, Missoula, Eugene and Providence
Strategic Planning for Sustainability and Energy Conservation - thousands of professionals have attended our educational sessions on Green Building, LEED and Energy Codes

Award-Winning Projects

Highest Scoring LEED for Homes project in Idaho - 12th and River
Idaho Grow Smart Awards  - Heights Home, The Springs & Meadow Ranch
NAHB and Golden Nugget Awards  - Meadow Ranch 
USGBC Production Builder of the Year  - ActiveWest Builders