About Us

Eco Edge was established in 2006 by Sharon Patterson Grant.

Our business started with a belief in raising the bar. If every new building is built to a progressively better energy code (i.e. minimum standard for energy efficiency) over time… the impact is huge! Eighty-eight percent of Idahoans believe that an energy efficient home has a higher resale value, according to a market research study we conducted with BSU and Northwest Research Group. Yet, this same research revealed that homeowners can’t answer what makes their home energy efficient. So, we provide research, analysis and outreach on energy codes.

This ties into our next area of focus: training and facilitation. We develop and teach workshops on green building and energy codes and offer design charrettes. Many of our courses have been approved for CE (continuing education) credits by AIA and IREC.

For anyone interested in building better than the minimum, we offer LEED consulting. Having worked with almost every LEED rating system (Homes, ND, NC, CI, EB+OM) and with multiple versions (v3 and v4, the latest), we have more experience with LEED than anyone else in the State of Idaho. Over 95 LEED projects! Our specialty is in streamlining the process for the project team to achieve certification.

Eco Edge has grown from individual buildings to work with cities and organizations on adopting a strategic approach to conserving energy and achieving sustainability goals. We provide guidance on engaging the right people, setting realistic goals, benchmarking energy use, analyzing trends, targeting efforts and prioritizing projects. And, since you can’t manage what you don’t measure, we consult on tracking energy performance and communicating results.

Photo Credit: Hillary Mayberry.

Sharon Patterson Grant, LEED AP BD+C, CSBA

Through Eco Edge and its sister company Open Spaces NW, Sharon has worked with the largest property managers in Idaho and cities across the nation to reduce energy usage through strategic energy management (SEM).

Her extensive experience with over 95 LEED projects led to developing and teaching multiple LEED workshops. She has also taught at BSU and Maui Community College, and presented at dozens of events including the National Energy Codes Conference, EEBA, National Healthy Homes Conference, Region 10 EPA Conference and the Idaho Energy and Green Building Conference. 

Her work received Grow Smart Awards in 2008, 2009 and 2011 and a Better Bricks Award in 2010. Her leadership positions have included USGBC Idaho Chapter Board (Chair), GreenWorks Idaho Board, Northwest Integrity Housing Board (VP) and the Ketchum Energy Advisory Committee (VP).